Congresaankondiging: On the Road for Peace


ON THE ROAD FOR PEACE The Dutch Enterprise of Mediation in the War between Sweden and Russia 1615-1616, in the Light of History and Modern Diplomacy

In cooperation with the Centre for the Study of the Dutch Golden Age (University of Amsterdam), the Clingendael Institute for International Relations in The Hague, and the Swedish Embassy 2014 marks the 400-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Sweden. To celebrate this event this international congress draws attention to the creation of these relations during the seventeenth century and their implications on the last four centuries. A new publication of the seventeenth-century diplomatic travelogue ‘On the Road for Peace’ will also be presented. With inter alia: ambassadors Philip de Heer and Håkan Emsgård. Location: Amsterdam Public Library. The conference will devote the morning session to the historical dimensions of the international relations, based on the new edition of Op reis voor vrede (On the Road to Peace) which is a perfect eye witness story in text and images of the Dutch mediation between Sweden and the Czar of Russia. The afternoon session, featuring speakers from the field of diplomatic services, will be devoted to international mediation and peace keeping from 1615 up to the conflicts in our days, such as Syria and Ukraine.

Entrance to this congress is free. Registration is required. See the Conference Programme for more information.

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