Special issue EMLC


Table of contents Early Modern Low Countries – volume 3, issue 2 (2019)

The sixth issue of the multidisciplinary Open Access journal Early Modern Low Countries (EMLC) is now available online! EMLC is dedicated to the study of the history and culture of the Low Countries between 1500 and 1830. It is published by Uopen Journals and appears twice a year. If you want to stay informed about new issues or other developments please take a few moments to register.

EMLC is a peer-reviewed journal. We will consider new contributions in the fields of history, literary studies, art history, and related areas of study. We also welcome suggestions for book reviews or notes. If you want to contribute to EMLC please visit our website.

Special issue: knowledge production in natural history between southeast asia and the low countries

Edited by Maria-Theresia Leuker, Charlotte Kießling, and Anjana Singh

Knowledge Production in Natural History between Southeast Asia and the Low Countries
Maria-Theresia Leuker, Charlotte Kießling, Anjana Singh

The Importance of Being a Good Employee: Georg Everhard Rumphius, the Dutch East India Company, and Knowledge in the Late Seventeenth Century
Susanne Friedrich

The Serious Naturalist and the Frivolous Collector: Convergent and Divergent Approaches to Nature in D’Amboinsche Rariteitkamer
Gijsbert M. van de Roemer

Repackaging East Indies Natural History in François Valentyn’s Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën
Siegfried Huigen

Southern-Netherlandish Observations and Knowledge Production of Naturalia on the Seas: The Writings of Michael de Febure (1721)
Wim de Winter

Book reviews

Dorothée Sturkenboom, De ballen van de koopman. Mannelijkheid en Nederlandse identiteit in de tijd van de Republiek
Feike Dietz

Harriet Stone, Crowning Glories. Netherlandish Realism and the French Imagination during the Reign of Louis XIV
Michele L. Frederick 

Jaap Geraerts, Patrons of the Old Faith. The Catholic Nobility in Utrecht and Guelders, c. 1580-1702
Conrad Gietman

Sophie Raux, Lotteries, Art Markets, and Visual Culture in the Low Countries, 15th-17th Centuries
Angela Jager

Russ Leo, Tragedy as Philosophy in the Reformation World
Marrigje Paijmans

Marisa Anne Bass, Insect Artifice. Nature and Art in the Dutch Revolt
Catherine Powell

Geoffrey Parker, Emperor. A new life of Charles V; Femke Deen, Anna van Saksen. Verstoten bruid van Willem van Oranje
Erik Swart


José Eloy Hortal Muñoz, Pierre-François Pirlet, and África Espíldora García (eds), El ceremonial en la Corte de Bruselas del siglo XVII. Los manuscritos de Francisco Alonso Lozano – Dries Raeymaekers

Pierre-François Pirlet, Le confesseur du Prince dans les Pays-Bas espagnols (1598-1659). Une function, des individus – Violet Soen

Rupali Mishra, A Business of State. Commerce, Politics, and the Birth of the East India Company – Joris van den Tol

Early Modern Low Countries is an initiative of the Study Group Seventeenth Century and the Dutch-Belgian Society For Eighteenth-Century Studies. For information about the journal you can visit our website or contact one of the members of our team of editors.


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