Maria Sibylla Merian Conference

MSM logo.inddMSMMaria Sibylla Merian was a gifted artist and an unparalleled scientist. Born in Frankfurt in 1647, she died in Amsterdam in 1717. The international conference to be held on 6, 7 and 8 June 2017 in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, centres on the life and work of this intriguing woman. The theme of the conference is Changing the Nature of Art and Science. Intersections with Maria Sibylla Merian. Three centuries after her death, there is still plenty to discover and discuss about this remarkable 17th-century figure. The conference will explore, for example, the religious aspects of her work, book production in the 17th century, her friends and associates, living and working in the colony of Surinam, and entomological research.

Acclaimed speakers

The speakers at the conference will include internationally well-known experts and researchers such as George McGavin, Redmond O’Hanlon, Kay Etheridgde and Katharina Schmidt-Loske. The conference is being organised by the Maria Sibylla Merian Society and the Artis Library, part of the University of Amsterdam.

Venue and additional programming

The conference will be held on 6, 7 and 8 June 2017. The central venue will be the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

On Friday, 8 June, the sessions will be held in the Artis library and Artis Zoo. The programme will include a visit to the Artis butterfly garden, the Artis Library and a guided tour of Merian’s Amsterdam. On the evening of Thursday, 7 June, there will be a conference dinner at the University of Amsterdam’s Special Collections. If you have any questions, please send an email to

For more information, the full programme and registration, check the conference website.



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