Call for papers Tradition and / or Modernity: Literary, Historical and Cultural Perspectives (1660-1940)

What did it mean to define oneself as ‘modern’ in Europe during the period extending from Enlightenment ‘modernity’ to the early 20th-century modernist movement in the arts? How were national self-definitions in Europe linked during this period to (perceived) modernity, most often in opposition to (perceived) tradition? In other words, what is modernity, when and how did it begin (and has it already ended)? Have we in fact ever been modern? Is there one modernity, or are there multiple modernities?

The Radboud University Faculty of Arts is pleased to present a conference that will address these questions related to the concept of modernity from the Enlightenment to the early 20th century. Bringing together scholars from different disciplinary traditions, the purpose of this conference is to take stock of the latest developments in discussions on modernity, and examine their implications for our understanding of history, religion, national identities and literature.

Het congres vindt op 26 en 27 mei 2016 aan de Radboud Universiteit plaats. Papers kunnen tot uiterlijk 1 oktober 2015 ingediend worden. Meer informatie over het indienen, mogelijke thema’s en sprekers vindt u in de volledige call for papers, die u hier kunt downloaden.

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