Golden Age Lecture Gary Schwartz: A pregnant past. The Dutch seventeenth century in the global twenty-first

Ter gelegenheid van het vijftienjarig bestaan van het Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age vindt op dinsdag 12 mei de zevende Golden Age Lecture plaats.

The reputation of its Golden Age in the seventeenth century has earned much credit for the Netherlands. Tour operators and moviemakers are not the only ones to capitalize on the image of a tolerant culture of peace-loving burghers, governed by their peers, enjoying the hard-earned fruits of freedom and prosperity, immortalized in unmistakably Dutch art. This picture of the Netherlands also prevails in much historical, art-historical, and philosophical literature, from Hegel on.

In recent years, specialist scholars have been interrogating the terms of this flattering picture. Issue by issue, Gary Schwartz reviews new insights into the economy, government, society, relations between genders and religious groups, martiality, art, and architecture in the United Provinces of the seventeenth century. In all fields in which international comparisons are possible, the resulting image falls short of the golden ideal, an ideal that however continues to inspire.

De toegang is gratis. Meer informatie over lezing en spreker en de mogelijkheid tot aanmelden (tot 7 mei) vindt u hier.

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